Hi, I’m Phil.
I design effective digital products that serve people.

I’m a freelance digital product designer with 18 years of experience. I work with teams to figure out what they need to do and help bring this to life.

I take a user-centred approach, focused on achieving outcomes through collaboration, research, prototypes and continuous iteration.

Photo of person sitting on the sofa with a smartphone in their hand.

Previous work

  • UK Government 2016 to 2020

    Working with government departments on large-scale digital projects. This included two contracts with The Department for Work and Pensions.

    Delivering government services with DWP Digital

  • Sky 2018 to 2019

    Helping Europe’s leading entertainment brand improve several high-profile digital products.

    Connecting Sky customers to the content they love

  • British Gas 2017 to 2018

    Taking a user-centred approach to deliver results for the UK’s largest energy company.

    Improving the British Gas customer experience

  • Erskine Design 2008 to 2014

    Six years with the talented team at Erskine Design. Working with everyone from art publications, to polar explorers, to insurance companies.

    Erskine Design projects

  • Endsleigh 2013 to 2014

    A complete overhaul of Endsleigh’s online presence, including digital transactions and a visual rebrand, helping Endsleigh maintain their position as one of the UK’s leading insurers.

    A mobile-first endsleigh.co.uk

  • BBC 2012 to 2013

    Consultancy work for the BBC’s User Experience and Design team, exploring how global website components could be redesigned to work across all devices.

    Responsive design for the BBC